"In our busy lives, rushing from one place to another, our feet often feel tired and sometimes painful and we often forget that our feet need pampering as well. I can highly recommend Alok as a reflexologist. He offers a high quality and relaxing session where he gives your feet a five star treatment. His specialised massage technique focuses on key points on your feet which has a lasting relief even after the session"


"After having treatment with Alok, I have to say I definitely felt the benefits of reflexology. As a University student, I have a lot of stress but after undergoing the treatment I can say I have been able to sleep better and my stress levels have decreased. I would highly recommend anyone to have this treatment done with Alok because he knows to create a relaxing atmosphere!"


"This was my first experience of reflexology which I found relaxing and de-stressing. I only had one session with Alok so at this stage cannot comment on the effects fully. However, I’m sure further sessions in the new year will help in better sleep and general wellbeing and I will experience the benefit of reflexology with a positive outcome."


"I made an appointment with Alok because I had been sleeping badly for several weeks. After a few reflexology and relaxation sessions with him, my sleep pattern greatly improved. He was caring and attentive."


"I had a reflexology session with Alok while I didn’t have no pain in my body but I had headache for a long time and I was feeling stressed. I got it done and the session was so relaxing and environment was lovely. I had the best sleep that night after ages. Such a deep sleep with no tossing and turning. I fell asleep easily and till now still my sleep is much more easier than before and my stress level is lower. I can’t wait to get it done again. Thank you for such a nice treatment."


"Having booked a reflexology session with Alok, I felt very sceptical as to the benefits that could be achieved for me. I have been having problems sleeping and consequently felt very tired and stressful. After only one session of treatment and advice from Alok, my sleeping pattern has vastly improved and I feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed. Alok’s calming and relaxed manner left me feeling confident that further treatments will almost certainly help me with my problems."


"Thank you Alok for the brilliant reflexology session. Due to a busy life and work pressures, I was looking for something could relive the tension and reduce my stress levels. I met Alok and he went through my circumstances and provided a great therapy session. Alok was very professional and I would highly recommend his services."


"I had a really relaxing experience and Alok’s calming voice set the scene. It was my first time having reflexology and I would definitely go for another session"